• Promotion Seminar
    Promotion seminars will be held at Singha Durbar in August/September 2019
  • Preparing and Submitting the Application Documents
    Applicants must select ONE graduate school only for their application.
    Prepare your application documents carefully. See page 9 “How to Prepare Your Application Documents” of this Guideline for further detailed instruction.
    Application documents must be submitted to the JDS Project Office, Regus, Ground Floor, Trade Tower, Thapathali, Kathmandu by 17:00 on Friday 1st November 2019 by hand or courier. If delayed, application documents will be invalid and will NOT be accepted.
  • English and Mathematics Examination
    Applicants must take IELTS test on 7th December 2019 unless presenting IELTS Score within 2-year validity.
    All applicants except Ritsumeikan University and Kyushu University must take Maths exam.
  • Screening of Application Documents
    Screening of Application Documents by graduate school faculties.
    Long-listed candidates from the first selection will be notified by the JDS Nepal Office by mid-January 2020.
  • Technical Interview & Medical Check up
    The interviews will be held in Kathmandu, by the faculty members of the graduate school
    Candidates will be required to take a medical check-up at a designated hospital.
    Short-listed candidates from the second selection will be notified by the JDS Nepal Office by end of February 2020.
  • Comprehensive Interview
    The interviews will be undertaken by interviewers appointed by the JDS Operating Committee members in March.
    Successful candidates from the final selection will be notified by the JDS project office by end of March 2020.
  • Admission Process for Graduate School
    The JDS Project Office will assist successful final candidates with the necessary application procedures for graduate school. (March to April 2020)
    Upon acceptance from graduate school, candidates will be considered as JDS Fellows.
    JDS Fellows are required to submit a “Pledge of Compliance with the Rules of JDS”.
  • Enrolment at Graduate School in Japan
    JDS Fellows will undertake a pre-departure orientation in Kathmandu in July 2020.
    Fellows are scheduled to arrive at Japan in the middle of August 2020.
    Fellows will enrol at each accepting graduate school between September and October 2020.
    The study period, before graduation, is anticipated to be 2 years.